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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Family Fun Thanksgiving

So Saturday Luke, Tiff, Kade and Kara came in and it was great to have them all here. Tuesdauy the rest of the family came and it was great to have everyone. Thanksgiving was wonderful as always. THe food was great and Tiff made amazing Pies! MMM! Somehow during the sitting down at the table and getting up from the table I must have ate to much because I pulled my growing muscle and have been gimpping around since. But I think its getting better.
Mom got the kids these turky hats. It was pretty cute.

The girls this year are old enough to start putting the olives on there fingers. Love it! Its so cute probably because I remember doing it as a kid.


It was great to have the family here and we were sad when Friday came because Luke Tiff and Kade had to go.
We (Me, Char and Kara and my Aunt) did go shopping on Friday though and we did pretty dang good.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

here it is

Here are before and afters of the house. It took a lot of work and a lot of help but its home. There are more things that we will be doing over the next few months like...




built ins in the living room on eather side of the fireplace (note the cheesey table)And a mantel for the fireplace.


AFTER Love that I was finally able to do what I have wanted to do for there room forever The princess room that our princessess should have. And note the dresser I redid it. It used to be blue and ugly.



so I painted the cabnets and my brother in law and Adam redid the wall so I could put up this mirror, the inspiration for this room. That and the towels we got for our wedding. I really like it


AFTER I love this room I cant wait until I can go through all of his clothes and things next week. There are still a few things I need to put up in here. Note the toy box that was mine and it was beat up so I painted it black and destrested it. Love it



MASTER BATH this room luckly didnt need much work

All in all it feels like home Im very proud because I think I did a GREAT job on a small budget. A lot of Clerance stuff, Craigs list and ALL OPHS paint, not bad. And then of course alot of work. We also just bought a washer and Dryer and I am so happy to have laundry at the house 3 yrs of lugging it to my parents has done me in.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Well We Did IT

WE got a house! We closed Escrow on the 12th and we have been working on it ever since. (I know thats how it is when you own something) But anywho we painted the whole house (minus the office) because the people before had little taste. We also got rid of there not so cute tiles in the bathroom and with my Brother in laws help got the front bathroom were I want it. And our walk in closet. With everyones help the house is really starting to look great. Tomarrow we move in our stuff. Her are some pictures of the girls helping with Ryders Room before we started painting it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

out of town again

So we went up to Utah since KAra was turning 18 and Char flew up so we could celeabrate there b-days. Char turned 21. We went to this place called jump on it it a bunch of trampolines on the walls and floor and some bounce houses for kids. It was a blast. Sharlee took a long time to warm up to it since she woke up from her nap there. But after that it was great.

Then we had everyone over for dinner, gifts, and of course cake and ice cream.

The next day was Halloween We went to lunch a Tacanoos (yes we got there a lot) Then at night we took the girls trick or treating. They loved it They were so cute saying trick or treat, THank you, Happy Halloween! They got faster and faster between the houses.

Saturday we went on the Bridal Vail Falls Hike and this time the girls walked and they did pretty good. But we didnt really keep up with everyone. The colors were beautiful and I was happy I had left me camera in the car because I was able to get these pictures that I LOVE! Of the girls playing in the leafs.



THe girls loved seeing everyone (and so did I) We look forward to thanksgiving and we are glad it is only 3 weeks away having everyone here for a week will be GREAT!