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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

baby update

I went to the doctor last week and the baby had a strong heart beat. I've felt the baby move a few times and the movment is getting stronger. On Aug. 29th we find out the sex so less then a month. And let me tell you the month is going to fly by for us.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

on the move

So last week we packed up the "Kings stuff" minus beds and moved it up plus some of the Langton stuff. on the 1st is our big move.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

making pizza with Aunty Char

Last night the girls had fun making pizza with Char.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Utah Trip

So on the 1st me and the girls and my parents drove up to Ut it was great to see Kara the girls were so excitied they missed her so much at 3:30am (we left that eairly because they were closing the 5)I was loading them in the car and said we are going to utah and they said Kara. It was so cute. And Kaia Loves Kade she would just sit and staire at him
Wed and Thur were full of shopping and hanging out with family. Thur we did go and pick up Char from the Airport. And went to Dinner at the brick oven with a lot of the family

Friday the 4th we relaxed and then went to my Aunt Jackies for a BBQ and fireworks the girls loved watching the show.
Saturday we went and picked up Adam at the airport. We were happy to see him.
Sunday was Kadens blessing. It was great and he looked so cute.

Monday We went on a hike to Bridal Vail Adam had never been and we had a blast.

Then Adam went with Luke and Dad to the driving rang. Then for dinner the whole family went to Ticannos (Brazilian BBQ) It's the best. That night we went to a really fun park and then to dinner. It was a great trip and I was glad Adam was there.t