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Sunday, December 9, 2012

christmas time count downs

Making candy to deliever to friends

School pancake breakfast

/making cards to mail to our family

Reading a new Christmas story every night

Having fun delivering those yummy treats that we made

Making reindeer hats

Having a marshmellow fight
 Look at that war face

Finished up with smores over the fireplace
The girls had the dance recital.
I love that in El Dorado Hills the fire department has a route that they do with Santa. I am proud to be part of this family now.
We had two birthday parties today

 We had fun making jeweled ordaments


What is Christmas without making cookies for Santa this time we were lucky enough to make them with Grandma

 Love how Hunter does it he really just wants to eat it.


This year we tried something new we made our own wrapping paper.

 Making play dough snowmen

 Look at this cute Santa

christmas party

date with my boys


palo alto

fish hatchory

brave movie

a wedding

random stuff