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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pioneer Day 7/28

 The stake put on the greatest pioneer celebration. The kids got balloons

 Did a question hunt
 Went on this amazingly fun old fashion merry go round

 panned for gold
Did the petting zoo

 road on horses

 Uncle Michael did a pie eating contest
 They crossed a rope foot bridge

 And got there faces painted
 The merry go round was so much fun that all the adults went on it with the kids again

 Cotton candy

 And last me and Adam got to do the giant swing
It was a GREAT DAY!

Library Time

Mom and Dads library is so great it does some amazing things during the summer we saw a magician, a mad scientist, and a puppet show but today they did "wild Things" which was a show on wild animals. And at the end the kids got to touch this bad boy. Kaia wanted nothing to do with it but Ryder thought it was the greatest.

The Fair 7/23

 We had a GREAT day at the fair there was a slight set back with a flat tire on my stroller but Dad took care of it and the rest of the day was so much fun
 Sharlee and Ryder milked a goat

 Making butter

 Is this there sign or what
 The kids loved the animals

 And whats a fair without cotton candy

 Hunter thought this cow was cool
 We went on the really big fairis wheel the kids loved it

 Hunter was tuckered out with all the fun
The kids played this game and they all won a stuffed animal