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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Photos




I know our kids are BEAUTIFUL!


Ryder got an archery set for his birthday so we took it to the park for some fun

Had a picnic with Grandma at the Tulip Garden

We went to lunch and the kids ate with chop sticks


On to dessert

Ryder Man

Ryder is a sporty guy. He loves to play with balls and I think he will one day be a star. (Not that I ever wanted to push that on my kids) But he can make 3 out of 4 baskets with his basketball set. Dibbles the ball. Hit the baseball off the tee and can through and catch like a pro. Seconds before this picture he was using the ball as a pillow. I was too slow.

He wants to be just like daddy. He wanted his towel on like daddy wears his.

He loves helping Daddy

He loves helping mommy

He wants to be like Grandpa Too

Great Grandpa, Grandpa and Ryder all have the same jackets. Too Cute!

He can also count from 1-10 with out a problem and some time all the way to 18. He loves hide and seek. If you ask him who he is he says "I'm Ryder Man."
I love this kid he is so funny