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Saturday, April 18, 2009

The start of the vacations

On Friday morning we drove to Sarah's so we could spend some time with Adam before me and the kids leave for Utah. So we hung out with Him until he left for work then Me and my kids and Sarah and Bri went to the mall and shopped. All of the kids did great.
Then Saturday morning again Played with Daddy. Made Rice crispy treats with Aunty Sarah.

Here they are Enjoying the fruits of there labor.

Then we ran errands here are some pictures done that day.
The girls

All the kids

Thanks Sarah for everything it was GREAT see you soon

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A new Do

So I was ready for something new my hair has been pretty more the same for 5 years. So Char cut 4 inches off and styles it. She also convinced me to do bangs. I havent had bangs since I was 11. So that was 15 years ago I was nervuse but I like it. Its taking some time to get used to having something on my forehead but I'm starting to.

Here I am the last time I had Bangs.

Yesterday at the Zoo

We have the Folsom Zoo 10 mins away so we took the kids. The girls love all the animals. Ans Ryder was a good boy like always. It was great all the animals were out and moving so the girls could see them really well

Note the deer laying on the floor behind the gate



Monday, April 13, 2009


Easter this year was great. My parents and Char came over for the morning fun. The girls found everyones baskets that the bunny hide then perceded to open them with great zeal and excitment. Its great having them to make life fun. Ryder enjoyed this toy and will enjoy being clothed in the clothes he got




The girls loved finding eggs and Ryder had fun shaking one.




We then had breakfast and hurryed to get ready for church and be there by 9
(We were not having much luck getting a good family picture)

Friday, April 10, 2009

The girls First Hair cut

The girls bangs were always in there eyes so I decided it was time for a trim. so Aunty Char got to work. The girls were SO EXCITIED they got to go on the chair and have the drape over them. We made sure that they knew that ONLY Aunty Char can cut hair and no one else.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ryder is 3 months old

So Ryder is 3 months old he has started teething, laughing and has rolled over from tummy to back thoose are his big things this last month

Here are the girls pictures at the same age do you think they look alike

Easter Pictures

So we found two great spots to take pictures Someone from our new ward told us about the tulip garden (Love it) and then a place down the street by moms. Together I got what I was looking for. So the outfits Ryders Aunt Cheryl made him for his baby shower and perfect timing on the fit so I decided I would make the girls dresses and I did it! I made there dresses with the help of mom and I and very pleased with how the turned out.
All The Kiddos (Its not as easy to get to toddles and a baby to take pictures)

The Girls




Friday, April 3, 2009

My Cute Kids

The girls are so cute


Sharlee - Kaia

Ryder love that smile

Ryder has started sucking his hand. I think its due to him teething