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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hunter 3 months

Love his smile and his eyes that pop out like his daddy (top) and the way he rasies his eyebrows (bottom)

little ears and liitle nose

little hands and little feet

His lilttle guy melts my heart

Party sat 9/17

We went to a friend of Adams sons first birthday and the kids had a ton of fun

Hunter sucked a hikie on his arm this is the second time

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fire Station! 8/16

While the girls were at school we took the boys to Adams Station. Adam gave a great tour and the boys LOVED it!

Kaden, Issac, Collin and Ryder

In Daddys seat


Having fun with the tools

My boys... awww

Apple Hill Thur 8/15

We went to apple hill to pick apples and it was great that Tiff and the boys, Grandma and Char were able to come and it made for some great cousin pictures


Lovely Kaia

Pretty Sharlee

Bringing all the apples home some must push and some must pull...

On the old water truck

Ryder found a poka dot apple MMM

Who likes Apple cider donuts?... Sharlee does

Sugar lips Kaia Does

And Sugar boy Ryder does

How tall are you this year Kaia...

Sharlee ...