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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Ryder can find a ball anywhere and he can spot one when I can't even see it. So this picture is now one of my favs He can kick the ball while running and he shoots hops in his hoop and he has started dribbling

You did WHAT?

So 2 weeks ago on Friday I was in my room packing for LA when the girls came in and said they had something in there ear as the stuck there finger in it. I thought they were being silly so I sort looked and rubbed there ear and said go play. The Said
"NO! There is something in my ear!"
"What's in your ear?"
"A nut."
"A nut?"
"Where did you get a nut from?"
"From the popcorn."
And with further inspection sure enough they both had a popcorn kernalstuck in there ear. So I loaded everyone up and off to urgent care we went. When I told them at urgent care that both of them had it stuck in there ear they said "Both of them." Yeap both of them.

Here they are waiting to see how they would get the kernal out.

They had to spray it with a soapy water and the suck it out. Crazy but hopefully they wont do that again!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Busy time

We went to Utah 2 weekends ago. Luke gradutated BYU with his Masters! Way to go!

Love this picture we are walking back to the car after graduation

We had fun at a birthday party for Luke and Kade. We got Kade dinos and I made him this mat to play on it with.

We had so much fun being with family and we found out Luke and Tiff are going to have a baby in Oct. Yeah and they are moving to San Jose which is about 2 hours away from us. Double Yeah!

The kids loved dressing alike with Jayce and Koda. They love playing with them

The drive home was great until we got to Tahoe. We had to buy chains and use them. That was something new. The snow was coming down like crazy but we made it safe and slow.

The window you cant even see out and its got ice on it

Then we got home and Aunty Sarah and Briana came over for the weekend. Ryder and Briana Love each other. There so cute together.

We are curently in LA for the blessing of Oliver Simon and Annes baby. It was yesterday, Mothers Day. It was a great day!