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Thursday, January 31, 2008


We went and saw WICKED and it was even better then I though. Char started listening to the sound track oh last oct or so and I got hooked to the music. I mean it is in my head all the time. Well me and adam got each other tickets to go and see it so on Tuesday the day dragged on forever I felt like a little kid waited for Christmas. And finally we were off and the show was great and it was nice to just spend time with Adam we don't get that very often. So anyways I would totally go and see it again if I get the chance it was great!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Garth Brooks Concert

So we went to the concert and it was great we had so much fun. It was nice to have a night out without the girls we don't get that very often
And the concert was great. Trisha even came out and sang with Garth. And I must say the fact that the concert was for the firefighter made me proud that hopefully this year that will be my husband.So Thank You Sarah and Adam this was a great Gift!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fun at the Museum

(Kaia Sharlee)
Today we decidied to take the girls out for some fun. We went to the Childrens Museum. My mom found this human klidascoope. Look out how many of the girls there are.
(Kaia Sharlee)
They liked the shopping part the best. They had fun filling up the cart and then Grandma Checked them at. And then they checked each other out. It was cute.

(Kaia Sharlee)
And Fun fun they got to paint. They were so cute. Sharlee thought it was lipstick and Kaia thought it was nail polish but they got the idea.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What we know at 17 months


Mommy, Daddy, Papa, Gapa (grandpa), Grama (Grandma), Stinky, Jucie, Drink, Cheese (and this they do as the hold a camera which is funny because I've never told them to say cheese), More, Peas (Please), Up, Uppy (which is Up and Plase together), Ball, Mine, Doll, Bath, NO (and they say that alot), Out,Dog, Hi, Bye Bye, Apple, Pray (they do this whe nthey think it is time to eat.)Baby, and Sharlee says Char all the time she walks around saying Char, Char, Char! And last week Kaia started saying Arlee (Sharlee) and it is the cutest thing. They are working on saying disneylang and I love you and sometimes they get it.
They know were there eyes, ears, mouth and nose are also the tummy or belly botton and were there bum is. Also there hair or head and that is because everyone tells them how cute there red hair is and then touchs there head or there own. Oh and also there feet and toes.
They copy everything they are copying everything we say. Kaia will get cloths and try to figure out how to put them on. They love to bush there hair and teeth. They love to copy animals nosies and it's so funny. If the phone rings or the radio is on the cant control it they have to grove. They climb up in there high chairs when they are hungry then they fold there arms and say pray. They love talking on the phone and they think purses are the greatest. They are understanding so much of what we say we tell them something and they are starting to do it. It's preety cool. And I'm sure there is so much more that I'm just not thinking of

Monday, January 21, 2008


So today we went to Cal Adventure. And we took mom and Char on the Faris Wheel. They weren't big on going on it but let me tell you the yelling and closed eyes made it to fun. The girls loved it like always.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


So today was the second time Sharlee and Kaia went to nursury. And they are great. The first time I went in stayed for 15 mins then left then to day I stayed for maybe 10 mins. And they stay the whole time and no crying. I asked some other parent and they stay in there and hour or even everything but the last 15 mins. And there kids are older then mine. So I'm so proud of my girls. Expecially since there only 17 months old they started going early because me and Adam both teach.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A day outside

So today we went outside and injoyed the good weather. The girls loved it the ran around and played. It was really cute. I showed them how to smell a flower and they thought it was so much fun

(Sharlee - Kaia)



Wednesday, January 16, 2008

So Friday morning we headed off to San Jose to stay with Sarah and Adam. That night I came down with a cold and sore well everything. But I was able to get in some good naps on Saturday and that helped so that night we went bowling and it was fun.(Sharlee)(Kaia)
Sunday we left and meet up with my parents in Sacramento. We went to church and looked at a house that my parents like. Monday we drove around and looked at some houses. While Adam went and took a test with Fire Hire (the whole reason we went up there) and he did good. 94% I was proud of him he wasn't as proud he wanted at least a 98%. That night we went to our faviotes restrant Chicago Fire a pizza place that is to die for. The girls were so cute in the hotel the loves playing in the closet it kept them entertained for hours. They were so cute. I guess when we move we will need to get them a play house.

(Sharlee and Kaia)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

To Cute

So on Tuesday nights I have YW and so the girls get to play with there Daddy. I also was helping my mom at RS by teaching a class so I didn't get home until late. So Adam sent me this. Kaia waiting for mommy to get home. But she decided she would like to go to bed and went to her crib happy and went to sleepSharlee on the other hand was determind to wait up for me but she too couldn't hold out.
What a heart warming moment to know that my girls love me so much!


We made it home and new of the day Adam Passed his LAST Paramedic TEST! HORRY

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Snow Time

So Wednesday we started to feel better so I bundled up the girls and we went outside to play in the snow they thought it was preety fun. They liked it when we throw a like snow on them they thought it was funny. It was so cute there noses got so red from the cold so I decided it was time to go inside.

What a weekend

So Saturday we drove to Utah my whole family but Adam he had to stay home and work. That night Sharlee threw up. But it seemed to end I thought it was some thing she ate. So we went to church and then we went to my aunt and uncles because my cousin Michelle was in for the holiday from FL and I was dying to see her. So we get there and Sharlee Throws up every where. But I got to see Michelle and her kids and all the rest of the family so that was great. We made plans to go sledding the next day but That got canceled because everyone was sick. So the whole family rang in the new year hugging the toilet on way or another. That has to be the worst part about being a mom is having your kids sick (bad enough) but then to be sick also it was not a good time. Hopefully this will be the worst part of the year.