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Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 21-26

I took the kids to the pool to have fun with their new swim suits and googles

 We had a successful first family bike ride. Everyone had fun
We have been having some fun park days with friends this week


Smiley Boy


 He is so excited about the things in his basket

See the pretty earings

Hunter loved this shovel

 Ready to go a huntin

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter egg bash

Hunter cracked his egg before we even started and said, "My eggs cracked, I was going to win!" In his cute bummed voice. It was really cute. He used his other egg.

Mom was the winner first one uncracked! Sharlee and Ryder made it uncracker!

April 13-20 Spring Break

Tummy Time

We enjoyed sleeping in and staying in our jammies

The kids were so excited to go to Chuck-e-cheese. It was all they could talk about. Hunter and Ryder kept asking when we were going. They were not disappointed they all had a great time

 Look at Archers new trick. I love my happy boy and the total excitement I feel when I see him smile. Everything else in the world freezes so I can enjoys this pure joy

 Fun making birds nest treats

 I guess I should have been in these pictures because it was I who helped rangle this turkey to Dad so he could get it. It was funny when Dad went out to his car to get his bow and arrows. He was trying to be sneaky and get them when he set off the car alarm and had to go all the way upstairs to get the key to turn it off. But surprisingly there ended up being 3 turkeys still on the lawn. He took his spot and I went across the street to get the turkey in the right spot. It took 5-10 mins of me getting closer and backing up and running to cut it off and push it back where it should go but in the end we got him.

Sleeping like babies.