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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our Staycation

Tuesday the Carter can into town the kids were so excitied to see Jaycee and Kota. Jaycee that sweet girl sewed the girls pillow cases and bought them tiaras, made Ryder a pillow and Hunter a blanket. We love them all they are so great!


Wednesday we started by going to the spray park and even though the sun wasnt shining they wanted to play in the water

The sun came out in time so We could go to the lake took the sea doo out and had a bbq

kids loved swimming

And you would think they would be done with water but no they went swimming in the pool after dinner.
Thur we went to San Francisco we started by going to the Oakland temple

View of the bay

Langton cousins

Went to the pier to see the sea lions but there was only this one. At least he was there.

Here is the lone ranger.

We crossed the golden gate bridge to get to...

To get to Muir Woods and that was great fun walking around and seeing all the beauty around us.

Inside a tree

Friday we went swimming and had a bbq and suprise on Saturday we went swimming again. Im telling you our kids are fish

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Family Pictures 7/11

Small details and first bath

I want to remember how small his features are. I'm trying to get a picture of when he puckers his lips because they are so small when he does.

Hunters First bath (he has been taking a shower with me or Adam)

Ryder brought him his towel it's a hand towel. To funny