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Thursday, May 29, 2014


 Archers first dip in the pool

 The kids had A LOT of FUN using the camera underwater!

 Grandpa and Grandma even joined us in the fun

21-24 of may

 the boys made a nice dirt pile that they are really excited about and told me to take a picture of them
 May 23rd was moms birthday and we planned a surprise birthday breakfast for here and it worked she was very happy and surprised . Cris even sent over this cute kitty for her to love on. Though my kids loved on it more.

 This was so sweet Sharlee picked up Archer and the book and started reading to him
It was a late night and Sharlee was worn out she fell asleep during scripture reading

feeding the ducks tue 20th

Went and picked up my Mothers Day gift an new small camera so we went to feed the ducks and turtles so I tried it out. Im excitied to see how it does its drop proof, waterproof and dust proof all big pluses.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

This week

 Archer has been so happy this week he likes to lay on the ground under the ceiling fan and watch it

 This was a great bed time. The boys were so cute together and then I found the girls reading together in Sharlee's bed. Its times like these that melt this Mommys heart


This little boy cracks me up all the time. Hes current phases are 
"Did you miss me?" This is asked to Adam when he comes home from work. Me after a run to the store, or the kids when they get in the car after school.
He says "Aw Coconuts!" If something happens wrong
and he continues to say he did everything last week. "I went to bed last week" "I went to the bathroom last week"

 Here he found a rolly pully before we went on a bike ride so he took it with him. He LOVES bugs right now

 He brought me these sandals that are to small but he didn't believe me so instead of arguing I put them on to show him but he thought the fit perfect and didn't want to take them off

 He takes his shirt off all the time to be like Ryder (his best friend these days) And he eats smores the best way possible the messy way.

Mothers DAy

Friday night

The boys went on a father son camp out with church so us girls had a girls night we met up with Elise, Sierra. Megan, Janel and Cara at Red Robin and then the girls went to Caras to watch a movie it was a fun night.

Moms tea fri 5/9

Ryders school had a moms tea. I enjoyed spending this special time with my not so little man. He is so loving.

Family Pictures


I love my family so much. I am grateful for the blessing of a wonderful husband that supports me and helps me to be better. I'm grateful for healthy, smart and funny children that make my life what it is. I truly am blessed.