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Saturday, September 11, 2010

first week of school

The girls started there first week of school. We are doing it the same as last year. There are 5 kids total. The girls are loving it and have asked everyday this week if today is school. Wont they be happy next year when the answer is always yes! I let them pick out and buy there own new school shirts this year. The independence has defenantly started to come out. They are become such big girls. Ryder also like them starting school since this week was a t our house he got to join in on all the fun.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

That's Us

Love this! So when the girls get out of the bath they hide under the towel and we pertend we can't find them only A rock. Well Ryder started doing it on Aug. And he thinks it's the greatest thing in the world. So here are my 3 rocks!

The girls started dance at the begining of last month and the LOVE IT! And it's great that 2 of there friends from church are in the same class. They are doing really well and they love to show off what they've learned.

I love the spray parks and stream parks during the summer the kids love this and have so much fun playing in them

This Tuesday we went to the lake and had a lot of fun. There was no one there. And the kids thought it was great. It left me and Adam Happy but wishing for a boat. One day!

This life jacket I thought was totally lame but a friend told me they were great so I tryed it and They are wonderful Ryder loves wearing, swimming in it and it counts as boat safe so he can wear it on the boat. I say there great for his age and a older. And there only $15

Guess where I found Ryder today?

He is so funny he talks so well. He says at least 100 words and hes starting to say sentinces. He is my little monster at least that what I call him but it is only in the I love you so much and you are the cutest little guy ever. And you are such a BOY