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Monday, June 22, 2009

Fun with my new camera

I love this thing! Everything is so much better! By the was earlier last week Sharlee was running a tripped she hit face first so that is why she has an ouchy on her face. It is looking much better know.



Happy Birthday to me

On Thursday I turned 27. Adam suprised me in the morning by coming home from work for breakfast and with my wonderful present the camera I've been wanting a Canon 50. Thank you my wonderful hubby I love it!
I took the kids to my moms and we headed to the county fair. With a stop here.

It a rock that gets painted all the time Char and Kara and there friends painted the night before. I was suprised
The fair was fun and the girls really enjoyed it.
In the cop car


Playing with bubbles


A little tracktor that they loved.


That night we had chicken haystack folloed by yummy sundies. MMM!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The things we do and Fairytale Park

So these are older pictures but they still do it and the pictures are cute. The girls love to play with Ryder the way that I do I will find them coping me all the time.


Ryder has found his toungh he sticks it out and has started this week blowing rasberries. He is also sitting up pretty good on his own.

Oh last week we went to Fairytale Park. The girls love playing the it's really fun. It was a little busy this time but still fun all the same.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Great Time filled with Great People

We are Back. Last Friday we drove down to LA We got there and went to Lunch with Grandma Sherry. Then that night we went to a granduation party for our friends David and Ka'ea.
Saturday we went to lunch at Silver Palace MMM! Then to Megan and Jose wedding reception that night. The girls loved dancing.

Sunday we had fun going to the old ward and seeing people. That evening we had a family BBQ with loved ones. It was great!
My Grandparents

Ryder and Tori (Will and Jamies Little Girl)

Monday we drove out and saw Adams grandparents. It was great we went to lunch and had a good time.
With Grandma and grandpa Dee

This blanket was hand made by Adams Great great grandma and now its ours.

After our visit with them we went to see Grandpa King and to Dinner
Four Generations of Kings

Tuesday we went to Sea World and the girls loved it they are still telling stories about it.

That night Adam flew home back to work!
Wednesday was kinda a kick back day the girls loved helping Grandma Sherry clean.

Thursday I went to LA and got some great stells. Thank you so much Katie for watching my girls they had a lot of fun playing. That night Sarah came into town.
Friday we took picture of all of the kids since we were all together. It wasnt a easy task
Cousion pictures

Friday I went out to my Aunts and got to see my family It was great Thanks everyone for coming.
Some of the kids

Aurora and Ryder they are 10 days apart.

Saturday we went to Liz and Jasons wedding reception then headed home. It was a great time.