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Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday 3/25

 Here is Avanley and Hunter in there matching outfits. Avanley is wearing one of the girls old dresses even
 And for the first time the girls have there hair cut different. Sharlee's is shorter and Kaia's is longer. And since it was Sunday and I had time I straightened it.


 Monday the 19th we found out that Adam got the job in Palo Alto. We are SO EXCITED. I picked up the kids from school and we went and surprised him at Rescue. We are so proud of our HERO
 Char and Avanley even came with us.

Look at MY MAN, MY HERO!

St. Patty's Day

Friday we made leapercon traps. Hopefully we will get one this year. I twas nice that Kade was staying at Grandmas and Grandpas house and could join us

 Ryder and Kade had fun playing together... like always

What did the leapercon bring you

Rainbow pancakes for breakfast

Playing in the tub with the glow in the dark wands

 I know I am O SO LUCKY to have these kiddlets (Wearing the new shirts and sporting the green hair color)

 Having fun blowing rainbow bubbles

 Hunter found some gold

We went to the library to see a magic show and Sharlee got to help out
And they all got some treat from finding the gold!

Out green dinner. MMMM
And for dessert green pudding as you can see Ryder really liked it

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lucky Green Tuesday 3*13 and Wed 3*14

This is how I found Ryder the other day. He was saying "Mom come find me" He is to funny
We had FHE and we did our lesson off of the talk treasures in his kingdom. Then we had a treasure hunt were we followed clues to find the treasure this yummy ice cream with GOLD cookies.

 Hunter loves standing up and he likes to look out the window

 We had fun doing a shamrock hunt and her are the girls green mouths from the candy

Ryder got a much needed hair cut but before that Char had some fun with it

Week of St Patty Day

Monday 3/12 we made green jello cookies
And had fun using sidewalk chalk to paint rainbows on the driveway

The girls had there friend Jordyn over for a play date