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Thursday, December 31, 2009

christmas time

We have had a fun and crazy time First the kids and I went down to LA for my grandparents christmas party the weekbefore christmas. Then on Christmas eve we had at my parents and Adam was able to make it! YEAH! Then Christmas moring was wonderful we started at our house at 6 am on the dot since Adam has to leave for work at 730. My parents and my sister came and watched all the excitiment!
The kids loved there gifts

We even got the girls Bunk beds and I made them quilts and a pillow to go on it. THey were so excitied

Then we went to my parents after adam left and did gifts there. And that was a hit

On the 26th we left earliy in the morning to go to Mark and Sherrys that night we had christmas there with all adams family and it was great for the kids to see there cousions

We came home on Tuesday so we could spend time with luke, tiff and kade while they were down. Wednesday we spent at home since most of us came down with the flu. But we are excitied to be home and now on to the next thing Ryders Birthday!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Pictures

Thanks to my mom for making these beautiful outfits at such a busy time

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Fun

First we went and cut down our own tree then we brought it home and decorated it After the kids did theres I went back and raised everything above Ryders reach so the bottem has nothing on it.

My parents woke up to a ton of snow on monday and we had and inch so we loaded up and went and had a fun time in the snow at my parents

Ryder actually liked slieding as did the girls. I cant remember why he started crying.

Char and her friends loaded he truck with snow and brought it to our house so on tuesday we could have a snow day for school Isn't Char great!