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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hunter this month

Hunter is often found like this...

Look at those Baby Blues

Hunter has been teething a lot so you will find him with droll or hands in his mouth of a tongue sticking out

While finally of Sunday the 15th he cut his first tooth

The tooth is the little white spot

Ryder Says...

I was driving in the car and Ryder had his arms out of his strapes so I tell him to put them back on and he tells me no so....
Adam says "Did you tell your Mommy no?"
Ryders responds, "No! I said NU - OO"
And he wasn't being snotty just innocent. It was pretty funny where does he come up with this stuff

Avenley Charlyn Scott

On Jan 10th at 9:46pm this beautiful little angel was born Avanley Charlyn Scott. She was
8lbs 4oz and 19 1/2 inches long. The next morning I was able to go to the hospital with Hunter to see her while the other kids were at school

Hunter what do you think of your new cousin?
On Thursday after Char and Avanley came home from the hospital we all went over to see her. The Kids where so cute.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ryder 3rd Birthday PArty

Here is the invite
All my kids ready for a fun day at the academy.
Welcome to station 3
All Ryder wanted to do was open his presents so instead of having want to do that the whole time we did it first instead of last. So we ate pizza and then opened gifts.

He got lots of great things. Thanks everyone
We then had turn out races it was great fun.
But of course what is a party without a few tears.
We then had an obstical course first they walked across the balance beam
Climbed up the rope

Then down the ladder
Under the swings

And into the house

 Then we did a search and rescue of the house we filled the back rooms with the fog machine. Ryder got to use the radio to radio to the search commander.

 The found Kara in the boys room
 Ryder radioed in that they found a person down

 And they all carried her out
 Then they all got the badges pinned on... They made it through the Ryder Fire Fighter Academy

All great fire fighters get cake and ice cream
Our Family

And Mommy almost forgot one more gift what can it be...
A Bike! The girls came to me 2 months ago and told me they wanted to get Ryder a bike for his birthday. The were so excited about it and we were already planning on getting him a bike so it didn't really matter who it can from so he was one HAPPY BOY!