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Monday, March 31, 2014

weekend time

The oldest and the youngest taking a nap                                     Great grandma Love
I love the ways he falls asleep

Kid Talk

This week has brought conversations about nursing.
First Hunter told me he had food for Archer one morning that he was shirtless and he pointed to his nipples. I explained that only mommys have food for babies.
Second the girls asked me how i got milk. And after explaining that the food I eat makes milk for Archer to drink Kaia asked if only the dairies that I eat and drink make milk.
Third at the dinner table Hunter was telling everyone that he had food for Archer. Sharlee told him not he needed boobies then Kaia said that he only had pimples like daddy. It was a good laugh.

FHE this week.
During the opening song the kids didnt just sing this time. Hunter sang while he was spinning in circles. Ryder surprisingly was sitting still and singing. Kaia was singing as she did an interpretive dance and Sharlee was singing with an Oprah type gusto.

Hunters two new things are to say last week. (meaning I did it already or I've done it before.) Like the other night I told him it was bed time and he told me he had bed time last week. Or I asked him if he brushed his teeth and he said I brushed them last week.
His second thing is to say not again. On night Hunter and Ryder bonked heads and Hunter ended up with a black eye. An hour later he was on my bed when he fell of and on the was down he said not again. It was pretty cute.

week of march 23rd

 Whatcha Looking At?
 Oh ME!
 Brotherly love

 Daddy Cuddles
 Archer was asleep on Adam and the older boys came in and wanted to be just like him so they layed on Adam and started snoring
I love this sweet face

 Ryder earned a special lunch with Daddy for feeling up his sticker chart

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Week of March 18th

This week Adam was gone for 6 days doing driver 2 training so it was but me and the kids and I have to say the week went really good. 
 I have never said perfect so much in my life but I say it almost every time I looked at this sweet little guy

 And the kids love him too.
Here Hunter is trying to clam down Archer when he was upset in the car.
Before Church I found these two reading together

St. Pattys Day

The ids had fun painting Leaperchon Traps

 With no luck but at least they got left a colorful treat

Our New Family

week of March 17th

 Love this little face
 Sarah and the kids came to see us, the baby and this is what the boys did in the mornig
 Me and my boys. I love them all
My sweet Boy
Archer was laying down and he made a few peeps so Ryder came to the rescue and picked him up

Hunter the big brother

This kid bring so many smiles

 He has a great time playing at the park with the worms

 He loves peek a boo
 He loves his baby brother

Friday, March 21, 2014