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Thursday, November 29, 2007

So you know

Ok I know that my blog background is SO BORING but here is the thing I found out that you can print your blogs so I went back and printed every month and will continue to do so every month. THen I put it in a folder and WALA! A journal! Plus with the pictures included when I finally get a chance to scrapbook I can look at then entries and put the book in order, Double bonus

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The things I love about you...
-The way you copy everything I do...

Like when I work out you grab a weight curl it and huff and puff as you do it.

-You put on anyones shoes and walk around in them
-When I wipe up a spill you have to wipe it up too
-How you grab the chapstick and put it on
-You walk around the house talking on the phone

-How you started saying MOMMY instead of mama (Heart melter) -How you dance everytime you hear music (and you can groove)
-How every word you say sounds so cute
-How you come up to me and give me kisses
-How you have such a mind of your own
-How you will put on my sunglasses and grab the keys and say "Bye"
-How you walk into my room in the morning, climb on my bed and get my glasses and give them to me (This is Sharlee)

-How you've started folding your arms at prayer time (Kaia)

-How you both have started doing head shoulders knees and toesThe list just goes on and on

Friday, November 23, 2007


So Thanksgiving is a 3 day prosess. So on Tuesday I tried my hard at making pies. See Tiffany (lukes wife) is amazing at making pies and last year she dazzled at it. So I tried out her recipes. And they turned out pretty good considering it was my first time. Thank you Tiff! So 3 pies later (pumpkin, pecan and lemon marane or however you spell that) We Were on to Wednesday. I made a Layered Jello my fav that my Grandma Burch used to make. And I helped my mom with some of here dishes.

Finally Thursday! We went to Adams parents at 2 and had "lunch" It was yummy! This is the girls eating there note there names on there bums (Thank You Aunt Cheryl she made these outfits for the b-day gift and they are so cute!)

3 of the things that I am thankful for.
"Dinner" at my parents. The girls are good thanksgiving eaters. (which is good since we will be eating left overs for umm... a week)

And what I Thanksgiving without PIE! The Girls loved it! (Sharlee)

I hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving like us.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


So today we woke up and ran a 5K. It was a fundraiser for Kara's school it was great and I must say again my mom is amazing because she ran more of it then I did. But it was fun and now I can say "Hey I ran a 5K" and that is cool.We startedwe ranand ranand walked a little

but we finished!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

So Proud

So proud
I am so proud of my mom. she has lost 75 lbs and she is looking great. Every week day she is ready to work out and because of her she has helped me keep going. Its so great. She was trying on pants to see which ones to get rid of and she pulled they out and say come on in and so I did it was pretty comical!

two is BETTER

Two is BETTER then one

Ok I must say that having twins is the greatest. I mean look at this you cant do this with jusy one baby Not that one isnt great to all you other moms but I think that my girls are the greatest.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Yaba Daba Doo!
So for Halloween we went trunck or treating at the stake Center it was great.
We went as the Flintstones and I must say we were the cutest if I do say so myself.
We had a great time

And the girls liked giving the candy out more then getting it. It was so cute they would grap a handful of like ten pieces and then put it in the kids bags they would get at least one in the bag.

Here are there "14 month" Halloween pictures that we took that morning