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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fri 4/20

Oh and lets not forget the reason why we went to Utah for Kara's Graduation. We all went to see her walk. Way to go Kara! We are very proud of you

Thur 4/19

Taking a few more steps Thank you Sharlee for taking these picture

Utah Wed 4/18

The Gateway Children's Museum in Salt Lake was great. They had this helicopter that we played in and pretended that we were picking up a patent from Daddy that we had to bring to the hospital. The kids thought it was great. The thing made noise and everything

Then this we made things to fly in the wind tunnel
Sharlee made this hat for Hunter out of these magnet building things
Here was a fun water thing that they played with

This area was great there was all these things that you could do with balls
These are the tubes that the balls went through once you put them up the shoot

Hunter liked chasing the balls
Pretend you can hear the "pretty" music they are playing
He's a driving man
The girls were all about this amazing play market that they had
The boys liked the farm area a little better
After we were done there we met up with Mom, Dad and Kara at the new City Center It had some cool water fountains

They poses and wanted these pictures
We got some lunch and then walked around Temple Square

Funny thing Char had ran to Old Navy while we were at the museum and in the car she was showing me what she got and she pulled out this shirt and Kaia in the back of the car says "Mom, did Char just show you a shirt just like mine?" her voice quite and excited and cute. Char looks at her and says "yes" in the same voice "do you want me to wear it?" Kaia answers with a BIG smile and a nod of the head.

That night we came home and James provoked Hunter to take some of his first step

Utah tue 4/17

Today we went to the Dino Muesem at Thanksgiving Point was really awesome

How funny look we kinda match Kara is the blend of colors of me and Char.
This is a huge turtle like dino

My little dinos
If you were a dino you would be a...
No pictured is a tunnel that was like walking through the stars the kids really liked it and it was one of the favorite things.
These were big magnet puzzles that the kids had a lot of fun putting together

This was there favorite part it was sand and water that they got to play in and find dinos and make things.

We ended with a fossil dig.

After all that fun we got to see some family
Ryder had fun with Mason and Knox and The girls played with Emily