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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Could it be is there 3?

So today we went to the doctor and it went very well. We are having one very healthy baby. Strong heart and moving all over. We are so blessed to have this new addition in our life. And we are a little relieved at just having one. Sorry girls you cant keep saying you mommys having 2 bothers for you. Maybe the brother part is right 9 weeks will tell.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

a lot of fun

Friday night Sarah and Baby Bri drove ing for fathers day and B days so that night we had pizza. Saturday we all went out and saw Josh(Adams Brother) Ski dive for his b day we all paid for it. Then that night Luke Tiff and Baby Kade came in for fathers day and Karas Gradustion
Fathers Day we went ot church with our dads Then adams grandparents came in so we did a 4 generation picture

And the girls love aunty Sarah and baby Bri Kaia Wanted to hold Bri and Kade all the time This is a good sign.

Monday the Langton side went to Disneyland and it was fun. WE stayed longer then I've stayed since I was a kid

For dinner that night we went to our fav silver palace.
Tuesday we went to lunch with Grandma Sherry, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Will and Bri. Then that night we did a big date with all but one of the boys and there wires/ girlsfriends and we all went to in n out.
Wednesday was a fun filled day. My Birthday started with my breakfast choice of patatos and eggs and Bacon (I'm convinced this baby is a boy) Then we all went for a swim.

Then that night was Karas Graduation.

It was Great. Then we all went to Dinner at RoadHouse MMMM!It was like we were on a vaction. It was great that Adam could have all that time off and he only had to take my b day off. It is nice that his work schuedule is like that. The sad part was when luke, tiff, kade and kara all parked up and left for ut this morning. We are going to miss them

Friday, June 13, 2008

just like mommy

We took a shower and when we got out the girls saw me put my hair up in a towel so they started to try to do it so I put theres up and they tought is we so cool

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So insurance is were it is going to be so we booked an appointment to go see the doctor. June 24th. So 2 weeks I can handle that and I'm super excitied. This pregancy is a little differnt from the girls. I crave adam food like mac and cheese with corn in it. I also have a craving at least every other day I never did with the girls. In the morning i was really tierd. Its differnt when you have to get up at 6 with to kids then being able to sleep in. But I'm getting better I take a nap with the girls almost everyday. And I LOVE sour Patch watermelon everytime i pass them in the store I have to buy a bag.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

time flies

(more pictures to come)
24th- shot a wedding and throught a baby shower my last of the 4 for awhile.
25th- drove to San Jose to see baby Briana. (Adams sister had a baby)

26th- We were in Sac so we ran around and did fun stuff
27th- drove back to San Jose then home.
29th- went to Disneyland and saw Cinderella (Shes my Fav)

31st- We throught a Mocktail party for a batchellette party for Chars friend Danielle

3rd- Me and Adam went on a date and saw Prince Caspin and liked it
4th- Mom, Char and me and the girls went to Cal Adv and eat at Ariels Grado. And we got to have lunch with the princess. It was great!