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Friday, March 29, 2013

Ryders Birthday

 We started the day off right with our birthday breakfast of waffles and ice cream! Can you sau YUMMY!
He got to decide where to have lunch and he went with chiness food

After going to pick up the girls we had some fun at the park even if it was cold

 And for dinner we met up with family and had dinner at our new go to birthday dinner place... Red robin.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fun Random Pictures From Jan

 Has anyone seen Hunter?
 Playing is the best when its with your best friend and a box
 Watching the world go by
 A park day
 The "school bus"
 This is one tired out boy
 The best ride around
This is how Hunter look when he prays

New Years Eve

Again for I don't know how many years my kids were sick BUT I still tried to do something to celebrate. We made crowns.
 Played with play dough

 and had smoothies
 After that we were all done and we all went to bed.


Christmas Pictures


Christmas Eve at the Fire House

After opening presents we loaded up and drove to Palo Alto to spend Christmas Eve with Daddy
The kids even got to ride around in the fire truck

 Have fun in a bounce house

 And got to spray the fire hose

I was really a fun experience one we look forward to doing again.

Christmas in LA

We drove down to LA to spend time with the King side of the family.
We had fun making rice crispy treat houses and ice cream cone trees.


 We went to the once a year people party
 And went a saw Grandma and Grandpa Dee
 The kids had a lot of fun hanging out with their cousins.  In the morning this is what all the kids would do... sit and watch tv

 Sharlee and Kaia had fun painting Brianas and Toris nails

On Christmas Eve we all got up and had "Christmas" from Grandma Sherry and Papa