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Friday, December 30, 2011

Hunter is 6 Months

 I love this sweet face

My smiley Boy

This is Grandpas hat that he wore on his mission

At 6 months Hunter is normally a very happy baby. He is teething so sometimes that makes him mad. He is learning who Mommy is and wants me to hold his more then anyone. He loves being able to eat baby food but he doesn't like green beans he gags on them. I think it is funny. He likes to put everything in his mouth and watching he brother and sisters act silly for him.

Christmas Morning

 Ryder got a play razor and her was so excited... he started to shave his legs... we have fixed that and tought him to shave his face and it has become one of his favorite toys he calls it his shaver

Hunter got a light up guitar and piano from  Santa

 Grandpa helping Ryder put on his awsome turn outs now he is just like daddy

 Look what Mommy and Daddy got you...

 Santa got the girls sewing machines and after opening gifts and a yummy breakfast we all got our new toys out and played

 All dressed up for church we went to Mom and Dad ward
 After dinner Michael was so tired that we was sleeping on the couch well when he rolled over He managed to push the couches apart and well he fell. It was a good laugh
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve

 We tossed out all the reindeer food to make sure they stopped at our house before going to Grandma and Grandpas house
 We built cup towers with Uncle Michael

 And we opened gift after a yummy dinner

 Yes your cute

Getting ready for Christmas

We had a lot of fun making graham cracker houses and the sure look yummy!

And Hunter was busy taking a nap with Avanley these cousins already love each other
And the Girls had fun telling stories to Great Grandma she even thought them how to sign there names

Family Picture 2011

This was our Christmas card and here it our letter

  The King Families Top Ten of 2011
(In no particular order)
- Hunter was born. On June 29th Hunter was born. He has been such a blessing to our family. The older kids are great with him and love to help out. Hunter is growing so fast it's a little hard to take. He is always our happy smiling boy that melts your heart. He is starting to eat real food and sit up on his own. He also likes to roll over and play with his toes.
- The girls started Kindergarten.  Sharlee and Kaia turned 5 this summer and started school in August. They both have the same amazing teacher that calls them her go to girls. We are impressed at how fast they are learning . They know all of their letters and sounds, and how to count to 100. They are working on their words. With their practicing, Ryder has started catching on too.
- The older kids started gymnastics. Sharlee, Kaia and Ryder started gymnastics in September and they love it. The girls are catching on quick and making progress. Ryder loves being able to climb, jump and run around. This is right up his alley. He has advanced to the point that he is in the 5 year old class even though he wont be 3 until January.
- Adam finished the fire academy. At the beginning of the year Adam started a fire academy with Rescue, Ca Fire Department. In May he graduated and now he volunteers there 3 times a month. We are all proud of all the hard work that he does.
- River Trip. In May the Langton side of the family all went to the river. It was a great trip full of fun and good times.
- Backyard Redo. Starting in the spring we redid all 3 sides of our fence and cut down an over-sized tree in the backyard. We were also able to do our very first garden the kids had fun planting seeds and watching them grow. They also liked picking the vegetables when they were ready. We have also rotor- tilled the backyard, planted grass and made a play area.
- Family and Friends. This year we were happy that so many of our family and friends could come and visit us. It is so nice to have them around and we truly appreciate their love in our lives.
- Staycation. All throughout this year we have been able to enjoy the many wonderful things around us. We have been to 3 museums, 2 zoos, a couple of hikes, a few parks including some very fun spray parks, San Francisco, the Muirwoods forest and we have gone to the lake a number of times. And we can't forget the many hours that we spent in Grandma and Grandpa's swimming pool.
 - Apple Hill. Apple hill is one of our favorite places to go. In the winter we go to play and sled in the snow. This summer we went and picked blueberries. This fall we go and pick yummy juicy apples and come the holidays we go and cut down our tree. Many great memories.
 - Our Savior. We are thankful for the gospel in our life that we get to enjoy all year long. And we know what a blessing it is to us. We are thankful for this time of the year when we get to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.
We wish you all the Merriest Christmas this year.
                                                          Love, Adam- Shawnelle- Sharlee- Kaia- Ryder & Hunter