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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fun times

Kaia fell asleep at dinner
Ryders nap

 Hunter loves the bath and if he hears the water running he comes running and gets in even if he is fully dressed

My little boy

Silly Hunter

My sweet Reeses. The nutella and peanut butter was left on the table and he dug in

Leatherbys #0th Birthday day 8/14

 Leatherbys did a fun day for there 30th birthday and the kids had a lot of fun

First Day of school 8/16

8/15 The Girls 6th Birthday

We took a trip to Sly park for the girls birthday.

 The girls had fun playing/ dancing with Daddy

Hunter could not get this food in his mouth the arm things would push on his cheeks and he couldn't get it in
We all had a great day

 My BIG 6 year olds

Happy Birthday Girls Mommy and Daddy love you!

8/18 The girls Party

 The displays

 Making hair clips out of cupcake liners

 This was there favorite doing a bunch or fun pictures

 Decorating there own cupcakes

 And before everyone left we loaded them down with candy
 Mom made these amazing Brave dresses for them.
 After the fun party we went to the library for there pirate day