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Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Time

Christmas Eve we went to my Grandparents for dinner like we always do then we drove and looked at lights. We then went over to the kings for awhile. So say the least the girls were tierd when we got home. (Sharlee - Kaia)
(Kaia - Sharlee)
In the morning the girls woke us up and then we were off to the King's The girls loved there gift. They had fun with there Cabbage Patch Dolls and the strollers and magic wands. After a cinnamon roll or two we loaded up and went to my parents.

(Kaia - Sharlee_
We opened stockings and I would have to say the girls liked the tooth brushes the best.

(Sharlee - Kaia)
They were so excitied about there Trikes that Santa Brought them. And they liked the rocking horses from Grandma and Grandpa until we turned them on then they werent to sure about them.

(Kaia - Sharlee)
They were so happy about there princess dress up shoes. They had so much fun putting them on and walking around.

They finally warmed up to the horses and now they like them and now how to turn them on themself

And we are so excitied about the digital frame that we got its a 15 inch screen so its big. We bought each other tickets to wicked and Sarah and Adam got us tickets to see Garth Brooks we are so excitied!
We had fun hanging out with family. We went back to the Kings for dinner and then back to my parents for well dinner again. And they were both great.
I love Christmas.

Monday, December 24, 2007

I Love Pictures

I love pictures but Christmas pictures are even better. And these are super cute

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tree Time

So we don't have a Christmas tree so the girls put there oraments this year on my parents tree. We got Disney Princess oraments this year since we love going to Disneyland. The girls had so much fun since they actually got to play with the tree I've been telling them not to touch.

sharlee & kaia


kaia & daddy


sharlee & mommy


Thursday Kara didn't have school so we took a trip to Disneyland The girls had fun like always.



My Mom even bought them a sully, mike and Boo doll and they love them

Monday, December 17, 2007

Good Times

So Thursday night we went to Disneyland and watched the Christmas parade. and it was get the girls looked watching all the dancers then we got to go on some rides it was great to be all together. even if it was super cold.
Friday night we had our ward Christmas party which was nice Grandma Sherry waited in line so the girls could see santa and as you can see they werent having it.

Saturday I had two sittings that went well and I finished up our christmas news letter I will be sending them out today.
Sunday we went to my parents ward because Kara and my Dad spoke and they did great.

On the list today is wrap gifts!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Baby Update

So we found out that Luke and Tiff are having a healthy Baby BOY! We found out on Monday but I was waiting for her to post it first. And Simon and Anne are also having a Boy! Yeah we are so excitied. And I'm telling you its Buy seasion

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Weekend

So Saturday was the funeral for Missy I spent all week working on a slideshow and Saturday morning it was perfect. I loaded to the lap top and it didnt want to work right the slides were staying up for whatever time they wanted to. I brooke down I screamed, cryed then prayed. Finally I left it up to the Lord. Nothing I was doing was working. But when we got to the church it work and it worked for the service. WOHOW and FEW! THe sevice was nice and there were a ton of people there. Sunday My Great Grandma Audra came over for dinner since she was in town from Utah for the funeral so I had to take a picture. Monday Adam had his last intern shift he is done with school YEAPY!

Friday, December 7, 2007

A Night at the Fire House

So it is Adams second to last day at the firehouse/intern time. So he is in charge of cooking dinner and family can come so I go early with the girls to help him. Well it turns out that he was stuck on a call and I ended up cooking everything. But some of the guys helped out. It wasnt that bad and Adam showed up just in time to call everyone to dinner. So at least we got to eat with him. Is was a fun experiance. Then he showed me and the girls around. I am so proud of him he has worked so hard and we are so close it is great.


Monday, December 3, 2007

What a Weekend

So on Saturday I took pictures at a wedding so it was a full day. But all went well and I got some good shots. Then on Sunday what a roller coaster. We had a full day planned but it got fuller when we got a call from my Aunt Kathy we were at my parents and my dad got us all together and informed us my cousion Missy was killed in a fire this morning. Woh! The house she was staying a caught on fire and her and another women didn't get out. So we all got ready and went to my grandparents church and told them then we went to Aunt Kathy's to be with family. Then me and Adam left and finished our day of plans we went to go and see his grandparents with his family. Then to My Aunts (moms side) for a birthday party. Aubry turned 14!

The girls sat and watched the (my 2nd there 3rd I guess) cousions play and have fun

But then they joined on in Trent and Wyatt pulled them in the wagon

Then Trent told us they should go down the stairs like this not the feet first approch we have taught them.

So it was a day full of family who we love so much.