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Friday, March 21, 2008

Love it

Well my Brother got me into checking Craigslist everyday. He says he checks it all the time expecaply the free stuff. So I started to. And I've been looking for a short boy dresser for the girls for the last 3 weeks and finally I found one for $50 so I called the guy and he had all ready sold it I was so bummed. So I looked in the inland area search and low and behold I found almost the same dresser.

And this one was only $10 what a steal. I'm going to sand it and paint is and maybe replace the handles but it is so perfect and I'm so excitied about it. In a few months all post the finished thing in not going to paint it until me move probablly there are to many other things to do.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

run down

3/7/08 Kaia and I had our first conversation she saw me get cheese out of the fridge and said Yummy! I asked "Do you want some" response "Cheese Please" Me "Here you go" her "Tank You"

3/10/08 We went shopping for a gift for sarah and adam told the girls to hold hands so they did and they ran through the store doing so. To cute

3/15/08 Through a baby shower for my other sister in law Sarah and it went get. He loved the blanked I made and I must say I have the sewing bug I'm going to set mine up at home so after the girls go to sleep and Adams at work I can sew.

These are so cute dresses that Char made the girls they have red heads on them

Then went to a wedding for Cusion Sara and I shot the wedding that night we celebrated Sarah adams sisters B-day before she went back home I know crazy!the

Friday, March 14, 2008

We left for Utah last Wednesday me the girls and my mom. Thursday Friday during the day we shopped and got ready for Tiffs shower. Thursday night me and luke and tiff went and saw our cousion Melanie Star in her high school play/ musical west side story she did great!
Saturday was tiffs shower and it went great Jaycee took the girls on a walk while me and mom set up.

Tiff got a lot of really cute things I mean "manly things"

And was awsome the girls finally have enough hair for pig tails love it



Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Family Out Day

We went to disneyland yesterday. And It was warm. But we got to see Goofy and Play in his house and ride a few rides. It was nice that Adam got to go we try to go as much as we can when he is off.

To funny

So Cute Sharlee fround Chars Church shoes on Sunday and decided she was going to wear then. She loves shoes If I give her a shoe she will try to put it on for an hour. She has gotten very close. Then on Monday Kaia woke up with major bed head and when we went over to my parents so did my dad aparently it hareditary.

Thursday a GREAT DAY

On Thursday we found out that Kara Got into BYU! We have all been checking the computer everytime we sat at the computer. My mom checked and all I heat is shes in shes in shes in! all plans stopped and got changed. We made a banner and went up to the school to tell her she was suppost to be in swim practice until 4:30 and we were going to walk up holding the banner and wait for her to see it but as we were pulling in she was walking down so we stuck the banner in the front window as we drove up to her. We are all so excitied for her she has wanted this so bad for so long.

last weeks project

Besides planning for Tiffs and Sarahs Baby showers I undertook re doing moms bathroom and with some help we got it all done on Saturday and it looks great. We are modernizing the house so it will sell fast hopefully