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Friday, May 25, 2012

Open House 5/18

The girls school had open house and they were so excited to show me there work

Ryder was a good boy and played with an etcha sketch

I'm so proud of them for making it into the high five class
They made this on there 100th day of school

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Cute matching cousins

Fun in the pool

Monday, May 21, 2012

Fish Hatchery 5/18

 The girls had minimum day so after I picked them up I took the kids to the fish hatchary. We went with Grandma, Kara and Char and Avanley. We even had a picnic lunch.

 We bought some food
 and fed the fish

 and we all had fun watching the fish jump, swim and splash around.

May 12th a Silly Holiday

I decided that today was a good day for a silly holiday. We made it Donut Day. We went to the local donut shop and the kids all picked out there donut and then we went outside and ate them. They thought this was really cool.

Even Hunter got a taste. MMM!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Mothers Day

This was the first time the girls got to go up and sing on mothers day we have always been out of town so they walked up all cute holding hands ready to sing when it started...
they fought back and forth pulling each other this way and that as to were they were going to stand then after that lasted for a minute of two someone told them were to stand and one of the girls turned to the other hands on her hips and said "I told you so" yes it is true we are not perfect. But in the end the sang very well. And I still love them.

ryder man

There are so many things I love about this boy. Lately his new thing to say is .... If you tell him he's cute he says "I'm not cute I'm smart! Girls are cute boys are smart!" I love the way he says "sure will" its really cute. He has so much energy and loves to tell me that he is a big boy and Hunter is a baby. But even he sometimes runs down on energy and has to recharge.

He LOVES bugs so letting lady bugs go in Grandmas yard was great

He is actually smiling but his cheeks are pushed down from the googles

He loves cameras right know he did this picture himself
This was a good day that I really enjoyed with him. On a walk he found a house with a bunch of "wishes" and thought it was great

For a special treat we got a shake and he thought it was wonderful.
I love you Ryder man you always make me smile
 Ryders best friend is Issac and he loves when they get to play together. This was when it started to get warm and we went to there house to play in the wading pool.

Cousin Love 4/28

Luke and Tiff and boys came for the weekend to celebrate Kades and Lukes birthdays. Char made the boys these monster shirts and they loved them I think they are so cute. We are going to really miss them when they move thinking of not seeing them for a year kinda breaks my heart.

 We had a bubble party for Luke and Kade and the kids had a lot of fun

 making bubble snakes these are so fun

 Kade loved his buzz and woody that he got for his birthday

Proof that Luke gets away with anything.