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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What hard work looks like

So we have done a lot to the house in the last few months
When we bought it

Middle Stage


Love our new couches a steal after much shopping. Then the built ins are the cabnets from my parent kitchen that I painted and destressed. Now the room is finished and I can sit in there and be happy


after outside

We took down the fence, palm trees and the ugly lava rock. Added new rock painted the trim and planted plants, painted the door and change knob and also the light! I think it looks great

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So Much

Saturday 14th- went to the park

Monday 16th- that night had the Ferkins over for dinner and FHE it was fun to see friends

Tuesday 17th- Left for LA to visit family. It was a last minute decision

Wednesday 18th- Went with Char and Mom to LA to get fabric for the girls Easter dresses. (and found something GREAT) That night went to Outback for Great Grandmas 75th B-day

Thursday 19th- THIS IS A BIG!! Ryder Rolled over from tummy to back. Why is he growing up so fast

That night went with Katie and all the kids to see Sarahs new house and then to dinner at Red Robin. It was great to see them and have girl talk and to see my girls interact so well with Katies girls.

Friday 20th- Went to Joans and found a pattern then lunch at Silver Palace MMM! I've missed my lemon chicken. Then to the park to meet Anne and Javi and Kaea and Chrissy. I miss having friends to hang out with.
Then that night we went to dinner at Marissa with Grandma Sherry. That night Uncle Josh and Aunt Lyndsay came over. The Girls love them so much.

Saturday 21st- Drove back home. Even though I miss my friends and family I love were we live and it was great to be home

Sunday 22nd- glad to be home

Monday 23rd- worked on the girls easter dresses then to dinner for FHE

Tuesday 24th- We tried a new hike and it was pretty good

Friday, March 13, 2009

What Do YOU Think

Do you think the Burch Genes are strong?

Seinna Michelle and Kennys little girl

Aurora Dana and Gennis little girl

Ryder Mine and Adams Little Boy

T- Tracy and Ambers Little Boy

Kaden Luke and Tiffs Little boy

arent we cute email me if you have a picture you would like to add.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ryder My not so Little Man

On Saturday Ryder turned 2 months old and had his doctors check up. He is doing good.
He weight is 14 lb 10 oz thats in the 90% and height is 24 1/4 inches making him in the 75% so as you can see this kid is healthy.

So here is our pot of Golds pictures this month

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fun Fun Fun

Sunday Ryder wore his outfit that Aunt Chreyl made for him he wore it once before but I didnt get pictures. Thank you so MUCH

It is super cute on him but his head is too big for the hat. Bummer

Monday we went to bouncopalis a place with inflatable bouncer and things the girls had so much fun and so did me and Adam.



Today we went on a hike around part of the Folsom Lake it was beautiful and cold!

Funniest think the girls decovered there shadows.
Kaia- she looks at grandma and said its following me. Then she tried following it. It was GREAT!

Sharlee- She would bend down and pick up a pebble and say heres a piece of my shadow. Kids are so great!

And to make things funnier The other day Sharlee was saying bye to mom and she said "See you in an aligator" we all started rolling in laughter

Saturday, March 7, 2009


My mom got called to be the roadshow director for her ward so we were all helping. We did a Dr. Suease theme where it all rhymed and we did the crazy hair and make up it was great! So that is what we did this weekend.
Oh yeah Char and I were doing hair and the girls copied us it was so cute

Monday, March 2, 2009


So we had a wonderful weekend. On Thursday family started coming in and it continued though to Saturday. Friday we all went to Leatherbys for dinner after getting the Langtons and KAra from the airport. Aunt Sarah, bri, Grandma Sherry asnd Papa came in that night and the Guzmans and Outhiers came rolling in at 2am

Then on Saturday we went to the temple with Char. And it was great we even got to do names for Simons Family. It was great. Thanks Grandma Sherry, Papa and Sarah for watching all 6 kids!

Then it was to my parents for lunch. Then we hung out. It was great to have friends and family around. And took pictures of all my parents "grandkids"

Sunday we blessed Ryder. And it was of course great and wonderful. Then we had lunch at our house. It was sad to see everyone leave we miss them so much. But this weekend will always be remembered as great.

The Little Man - love it he has started smiling

Proud Parents


Those that bleesed Ryder