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Monday, September 29, 2008

A Big week for us

So Adam started his job out here and even thought he is a transfer he has spentthe week in a class room going over the boring mumbo jumbo of this is your job oreantation. He has one more week of that and then he can get back in the field so you is counting down to that.

While he was at work the girls got colds but are doing better. Even with that challenge we got POTTY TRAINED this last week. Kaia was a champ was the panties went on she hasnt missed once. Sharlee was a little slower but she has made it. They got MM's everytime they went and a treat at night if they made it through the day dry. To say our family is modavated be suger might be an understatement.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Kids say the cutest things

So anyone that has seen the girls lately knows that they are talking all the time and actually really well. So lately they have been wanting to say the prayers so we tell them what to say and sometimes they add there own things. Like my mom got strep and my dad throw his back out so they made sure we blessed them every prayer or bless Daddy at work.
Well last night Sharlee was saying the prayer at night and I said thank you for our Savior and she said "Thank you for Baby Xavier" This is our close friends Simon and Annes Baby. It was so cute. But I do think for family night tonight we will be going over the fact that Christ is our Savior. Hopefully they don't start thinking Xavier is the Savior.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sorry it took me so long Tiff

A--Attached or Single? Attached to Adam and our kids are attached to us
B--Best Friend? My mom
C-- Cake or Pie? if its choc who cares
D-- Day of Choice? Adams days off whatever they might be
E-- Essential Item? The big 3--phone, keys, wallet (Then the kids and we are out the door)
F--Favorite Color? Green
G-- Gummy Bears or Worms? Worms
H-- Hometown? Whittier
I-- Indulgence(s)? A Hot bubble bath and Ice Cream
J-- January or July? July Fireworks, BBQ and Family and its not cold
K-- Kids? Sharlee Hope and Kaia Noel and Ryder Burch
L-- Life is Incomplete Without? My Family
M-- Marriage Date? Aug 6th 2005
N-- Number of siblings? 1 bros and 2 sisters
O-- Oranges or Apples? Apples but sometime oranges.
P-- Phobias or fears? Seaweed I HATE it
Q-- Quotes? Its better to shot for the stars and miss then to aim for the gutter and hit it.
R-- Reason to Smile? Adam got his transfer and will be here in 2 days!
S-- Season? Summer- vactions, river, and fun
T-- Tag 5 People? Whoever might want to do this
U-- Unknown Fact? I HATE Alice in wonder land and Herbie the love bug both gave me nightmares for years so they will never be in our house and please dont show them to my kids.
V-- Very Favorite Store? Target or walmart Im there once a week
W-- Worst Habit? I'm short tempered sometimes
X-- Xray or Ultrasound? Ultrasound- its the best to see your little baby grow
Y-- Your Favorite Food? cheesecake, pizza and normal silver palace
Z-- Zodiac? Gemini (do you think this helped in me having twins?)


S on fri me and the girls drove down to whittier to suprise adam for his b day. he came home to find us a sleep in his bed. He was suprised. We got up and made him breakfast burritos. MMM! On Sunday his mom had the normal family party for him and his dad. And monday and tuesdaty we just hung out as a family. Tuesday night we went to down town disney because I found the disney money he lost that he got for his bday last year and since our passes are expired we figured we would see what was down there. We got something for each of the kids. And kettle corn by the girls request. It was nice to be together as a family. We also sold the truck to Char. So now I'm driving the mazda until we get a careavan. I know I'm not a van person but with Ryder on his way making it 3 carseats There is really no other choice.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Thank YouCarters!

My cousins family got the girls mr and mrs patato heads for there birthdays we got them out the other day and they havent stopped wearing these glasses since. I had to brib them to leave them in the car for church today.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We are 2

These are the girls 2 year old pictures. I cant believe how big they are getting.