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Friday, February 19, 2010

Good times

Valentines was GREAT. Adam got home from work on Sat night and then we headed out to a dance for church it was fun we hadnt dance in a few years. Then in the morning I made heart shape pancakes and gave Adam a feke gift. After I was done eating I snuk into the garage and called Adam for help. When he can in expecting to find me trapped by boxes and in destess he found a perfectly cleaned and finshed garage including a peg board for his tool that he had always wanted. He was SO Suprised. It was wonderful.

Ryder has been so fun. He loves to climb and would climb to the moon if he could he just doesnt like coming down so he gets stuck.
He loves playing peek a boo and were but behind moms couch is a fav

I love it when he will just lay down on the ground and relax for a minute and then hes back up running it took me a long time to get a picture of him doing it

We also let go of a dear friend to him his pacie but really he did really good about it and now starting this week he is sleeping in his bed all night and that is WONDERFUL.
Monday we went and took the girls to Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantacy and tthey LOVED IT.

At the pre show they had


Down by the ice

Wearing the fairy hats that came with the cotton candy

Sunday, February 7, 2010

winter fun

We took time to play in the rain. The kids loved it

We went and played in the snow

Ryder had his first tacito (My dad famous ones)and he loved them.

And here are my two hansome men in there matching church outfits