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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Girls First Dance Recital

The girls had there first dance recital last night. I asked them to take a picture and they sat and posed just like this. Are them my kids or what! Love it!

All ready to start They were so cute. They dances to Up on the House Top They did so great and after they were so excitied they said it was the greatest! Even Ryder sat and watched all of the shows with excitiement.

Sharlee would watch Kaia to see what she was doing

HO HO HO who do you know?


These are two of their friends from church that are in their class it's great

after the big show our STARS! We are so proud of them!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's Christmas around here

On the 3rd our ward had a sit with santa and suprise the kids did ok. I think the fact that they could sit on the trunk and not his lap really helped.

we had so much fun going and cutting down a tree this year we loved that there was just enough snow to make it fun

Ryder Man

Cute Kaia

Sweet Sharlee

They all had fum eating some snow especially Kaia

Daddy carring the winning tree down to the car

Sharlee was so excitied to put the star on



Tuesday, December 7, 2010

funny things

One night I was laying bed and I heard Kaia get out of bed. THen I heard Sharlee
"Kaia, were you scared? Is that why you came in my bed?"
"Thats ok"

Another night I could here singing so I walk in the hall and hear Ryder singing in his crib. "Kaia I love you Kaia I do" "Sharlee I love you Sharlee I do." To the tune on the song mother I love you I sing it to the kids at night but with there names. His voice was so sweet.

While Adam was bringing Kaia in to the house from the car. She sleeply opened an eye and said "Daddy came you carry me to my bed I'm tierd" "Yes sweetie I'll carry you" "And Daddy, I don't need to brush my teeth I have super powers they wont fall out." Then she was out.

I want to be able to remember all these silly and sweet moments