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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our 10 Day Vaca

WE left on wednesday night after Adam was done at work. Thursday we went to the beach and did Family picture Ill post those later. But they turned out great. Friday was my Birthday and we went to Disneyland with the whole Langton Family Minus Tiff. Plus the Dave, Kaea and Chrissy. Everyone had a great time See for yourself


We went to scot and Melinas wedding on Saturday

At the Temple after Scot and Melinas wedding

Ryder and Kade found the M&Ms and decided to share

Scots reception The boys are still the same

Fathers Day Here is the gift to the dads and granddads. This is one of many
Monday we headed for Utah and the kids traveled GREAT I guess they were worn out

While in Utah we did some walks/hikes Here we are all of us with our Shape ups and YES we LOVE them

We started Our family reunion with a 5K walk/run me and Char pushed/carried the kids.

Me and the kids Adam had to work so he couldnt come

King Kids

Ryder and Aurora there 2 weeks apart in age

Langton Grandkids

Langton Family Picture Minus Adam

Panning for Gold the kids loved this

Making Bandanas for Western day with Grandma

EVERYONE had a BLAST on this slip in slide it was GREAT

Sharlee liked Grandpa teaching her archery. Kaia did it too but didnt want a picture taken

We road on a Serry

The kids LOVED the swings and the girls have learned to do it themselves Happy Days!

Making Lei's for Hawaiian Day

Ryyder with the Lei I made him He wore it for about 2 mins

The Whole Burch Group

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

So I am turning 28 next Friday so to celeabrate we had a "Prom" Party. We dressed up, did pictures had a DJ. And Dessert and Im mad that I forgot to get a picture. We had a tons of fun. Thanks to everyone that came it was great.

Our Dj brought props it was funny