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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

a grand ol time

A Grand Ol Time
So on Saturday after the hike we all got to see Chars missionary Damian King that came home the day before. she made him this awsome blanket. (Long story short he and Char dated in high school then broke up wrote during the mission hes family moved to ut and now he is home. They have seen each other as much as possable and things seem to be going good)
So saturday night we went to my aunts for dinner and the girls can always find something to play with there. They loved the watering can. this is sharlee
this is kaia

then they played a duet for all to hear. I know cute huh!

sunday we went to church then yummy dinner at lukes and tiffs. Tiff is a great cook. Monday we just hung out and did some erronds
Today- Tuesday we hiked to a place called stewart falls. they told us the hike was easier then timp but boy were they wrong. It was a full on hike and is started to rain on us on the way up

but it was sure beautiful. (pictured char, kaia and sarah)

see i told you beautiful

so we took some pictures then packed back out so that it didnt rain on us again only this time harder.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

timanogas caves

timpanogas caves
okay so we are back in utah and today we hikes to the caves and then went through them. It was so beautiful on the way up and down then the caves were amazing.
we had to hold the girls in our arms instead of in there backpacks because there are alot of tight spots. we had to duck and crawl but the gils both fell asleep

its this cool looking

this is everyone that made the trek up.

and these are some fun ones from on the way up

it was amazing and even though it was a little tough at points it was well worth it.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


So today we went and got our passes to disneyland. It was great the girls loved toon town and I loved that once I got sick of the crowd we went home and didn't feel like we wasted any money or anything. I am truly going to love this.

So the girls had so much fun and I'm sorry to say but mickey and minnie sorry that the girls took so much attention away from you. Everyone loves the girls it must have something to do with how dang cute they are of something like that.

Anyway Adam and I are on our way to Ca Adventure will Aunt Char watches the girls we are excitied we have never been before.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

a great week

First the 15th was the girls actual birthday. We went to downtown disney and biult the girls a bear at build a bear. They chose the one that they liked to cuddle with then we helped them stuff them. Sharlee
Then the fluffed them really good.

Then they picked out there outfits and got them dresses
Kaias is named Hugs

And Sharlees is Cuddles

Then the girls danced around and everyone watched them and told us how cute they are. I never get sick of hearing that.

That night we went for a bike ride. It was a great day full of fun!

Adam Fininshed the class room part of his school so he has a week off before his hospital time. So on Friday morning we drove to San Jose to spend some time with Aunty Sarah and Uncle Adam and Cousion Jacob. And Uncle Will drove up with us to stay with them for a week. We went swimming and had a BBQ that night. It was great to spend time with everyone.

Saturday we drove with everyone to Montaray to go to the Aquariam. It was great fun. The girls loved looking at all the fish.

And me and adam enjoyed having a chance to spend time together as a family and with family.

Jacob was so cute with the girls he wanted to help with everything he is so cute.

Sunday we left to Sacramento Adam hadn't been yet. We went to church then walked around the temple.

Monday we went to a park that is fairytale land it's got mother goose tales made into toys
The Little Engine that Could

The cheese stand alone
Tortoise and the Hair
Kind Arthur

Then we drove around and looked at places. Then I took adam to get the BEST pizza ever
Tuesday we went to the Folsom zoo and looked at all the creatures.



After some lunch we headed to the lake to spend sometime in the water. We are liking being so close to a lake.

Then Today we drove home and good news Adam likes the area. So it has been a buzy but great week. It was wonderful to have Adam with us so much!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Happy Birthday to You

So the girls had there 1st Birthday Party on Saturday. It was so much fun and they were so fun to watch. And pictures can say it way better then I can so here you go. (Sharlee is in dark pink and Kaia in light pink)

They love taking tissues out of boxes so today they got to my mom bought then each a box.

Me and Adam are getting passes to disneyland so we can take the girls this next year so I made them minne outfits to wear on our first trip.
They go building blocks from uncle josh

a wagon and shoping carts from grandma and papa king

they got princess capes made by Aunty Char along with a wand. Kara got the BYU outfits. and many people got them great outfits and toys. Thank to all of you.

The cakes and the cake eating. they each had there own smash cakes

And the clean up

Then the put on there monkey jamies and relaxed in the chairs from granda and grandpa Langton

it was a great day.