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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

So Saturday was moms 50th b-day. We went on a hike in the morning and spent sometime by the lake.
We then hung out at the house until dinner time. On our way out of the house to dinner. There sat Kaden on the lawn in a b-day hat. Luke and Tiff drove down to suprise everyone. No one knew but me and let me tell you it was hard to keep it a secret. But well worth it. So we went to dinner and then to get frozen yogurt.
Sunday the whole family went to church together.
Monday we swam and after a yummy BBQ we roasted mashmellows. And eating smores MMM!

Tuesday we went to the lake and took the seadoo out and have fun trying to balance on a huge log.
Tomarrow we are heading to LA and looking forward to it!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fun weekend

Saturday the 16th was Brianas 1st b-day we went to the party and stayed the weekend and through to wed.
Birthday- I made here cake my first time useing tips and I had a blast we used heart cupcakes to make a big butterfly then had some little butterflies too

Eating the Cake love it Sarah never lets her use her hands so she didn't know how to eat it.

She finally got it

Here are some cute pictures of my kids and us "big kids" (me & Adam)


Worn out from the day of fun in the sun.

Sunday after church we went swimming to cool down it hit the 100's

Monday we went and looked at the hoise they just bought then to the park for lunch. It was nice. We also went to the boardwalk but Sharlee got sick so we went home shortly after getting there.
Tuesday I watched Briana and so we went to the park to play. For dinner we went out to eat at a mexican restarant.
Wednesday me and Sarah and the kids hung out and then we drove home.

First Food

So Ryder had his 4 month doctors appt. on tuesday the 12th he is wieghing in at
16 lb 10 oz and 25 1/2 in 75%. Doctor said to start trying to give him cereal. So I did he ate it well but it made his tummy upset so we have held off and will try it again in a week or so. But her are some pictures

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

mothers day

It was great I love being a mommy there is nothing I want more here are the things in my life that are truely my greatest gifts

Ryder- my handsome little man you are mommies heart melter I look at you and cant help but think how cute you are and you are such a great baby

Kaia- My sweet girl you are my princess I love your smile and the way you copy me with your bother and the love that you show.

Sharlee- My sweet girl you make me smile with your attatude and personality you are a one of a kind

Adam- man of mine. You are my King and I'm more then happy to be your Queen

Biggest Loser up date

Biggest loser -
We went on a hike to Samons Falls. It was nice but the suprise was that the small stream / river that it was this winter is now a lake. CRAZY

Biggest loser monday- We ran the Dam. Its just over 2 miles there and back and we all did it without stopping.

Tuesday- we decided to try a new hike to some falls. But we never found them so we ended up hiking for 5 hour give or take 9 miles we were dead at the end. Crazy how a wrong turn can take you off so much. The kids did great we packed them about 3/4 of the time and the walked (except Ryder) the rest and they did very good

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ryders 4 months old

Crazy I know he is getting to be such a big boy. He loves to stand up he doesnt ever want to sit. He is teething and I'm sure a tooth will be here soon. Because he is teething he sucks on hes hands all the time and drolls like crazy. I love his Chunky Cheeks. He found his reflection and love to play with it. He is MY LITTLE MAN! I had to do his 4 month pictures at the river because who knows when we will be back again.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Biggest Losers

So we decides to a Biggest Loser for 2 weeks. Yesterday was our first day. We Hiked Wilson which was 2.5 miles then had a health challenge. Then did strength for an hour.

Today we ran/ jogged/ walked a 5K

Then did a balancing challenge I won!So I get a pedi from Char!

And then char lead us in an hour of strength. And Tonight Char is the first to do our cooking challenge we are all cooking dinner and then the others get to judge.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Vaction Fun

-Monday we left to got to Utah. Kara was done with school so we went to go and get her. She made us dinner and we ate ant Luke and Tiffs house. I girls were so ecitied to be in Utah and the couldnt stop asking to see Jaycee and Dekota. I will stand to my offer to keep them for a week this summer!
-Tuesday we worked out and ran erronds.
-Wednesday we went to Salt Lake and met up with Great Grandma Audra.

Then went shopping at some of the stores we like out there. That night we went to Luke and Tiffs to celeabrate Lukes 25th birthdat and Kadens 1st Birthday. I was great food and fun. Kade is learning to walk and was doing really good at it that day.

Thursday night- We went to Llyods for a BBQ it was MMM and it was nice to see everyone.

Saturday- We left early to go to the river. We stopped in St George for some shopping and some food. We ate Mongolian BBQ and the girls used Chop stiks and did a great job.


Sunday- We went to church in Needles. And of course we had to take our costomary picture

Monday-Wednesday was full of FUN IN THE SUN
Sharlee and Kaia Skied for the first time

The Kids LOVE the Boat

Eater Egg Hunt at night With Flash Light!



I Still have it but man it sure is a lot harder Im OUT OF SHAPE or OLD

Our Easter Egg Bash. Dad won!

It was great having the WHOLE family there and to tell you the truth I was sadder leaving there then when we moved from Whittier. I will miss you river there has been so many memories there!