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Friday, August 20, 2010

The Girls Flitterific Birthday Party



There Invite Pictures

I couldnt be happier with how ther picture turned out
Our Pixie Fairy Princesses

If you have seen the first Tinkerbell movie we did everything from that movie it is the Girls Favorite Movie.
We started there party by our Dust Fairy covering them with Pixie Dust and then getting pixie dust fingers painted. We then had Flying Lessons.

Followed by Painting Flowers. And a game of Catch the Thissles. Then Lunch.

Enjoying there Tink Pizza Complete with colored crust and star cheese tooping. Topped off with Tinks Drink. (Rasberry sherbert and Sprite)

There Cake that I made.

After Lunch we caught bubbles (Dew drops) Then they Maked Rainbows with there Rainbow Wands

Looking for Lost Treasures

Making a Bracelete out of there Lost Treasures

Sharlee in Tinks House

Ryder in Tinks House. Peek a Boo!

And of cousre the presents were a hit thanks to everyone!

We got them scooters and they want to go on a walk around the block with them every day

Our family

I'd say that the party was a hit and the Girls Love it and that was really all that matters

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

way over do

Mid July we were back in utah for my cousion Nathans wedding.
Here are some of the kids at the family bbq the day before.

Here we are at the wedding the next day
The happy couple

This is a picture I will LOVE FOREVER it is all the attitudes of my kids

The girls loved it when Jaycee painted there finger nails

Adam and I celebrated our 5th wedding Anniversary

Our ward does swim nights once a week and the kids have really liked them

Ryders new name is mischeif he is into everything He noo likes to climb up and get on the counters in the kitchen. But he is spper smart he know like 100 words and can say them clear enough that you know what he's saying. It is really nice.

And Luke and Tiff had been down trying to find a place to live and the kids have liked playing with kade.


So this would have been my happy Pioneer Day Blog if the internet would have been working. Thanks Rod and Diane for having such an amazing house and all the clothes so we could do these they are the greatest. We did these in the end of june.