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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Christmases

So Adam had to work on Christmas so we celeabrated at our house on the 23. So the night before the girls left cookies for santa and of course they had to have one too.

And the girls were so excitied. Grandma and grandpa and aunty Char and Kare came to watch.

Santa brought each of the girls a new dolly, That they love. And grandma and grandpa made sure they had plenty of gifts to open.


And me and Adam well we got them a Swing Set. Pour Adam it took him all day to put together but it was worth it because the girls were so excitied.


So on the actual day of Christmas We were all in San Jose at Adams Sisters house. Since he didnt have work until noon it worked out nice plus all of his family was there.
The girls really loved Christmas and opening all the gifts. But we did teach them this year that Christmas is Jesus birthday.
Well after Adam was off to work I left and drove back to my parents were the girls got to open even more gifts. To say they are two very spoiled girls is an understatement. All in all it was great.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Pictures

Here are our cute girls Christmas pictures I really like them! The pictures and the girls HaHaHa

So I like pjs that arent christmas colors oh well!

I love the girls in green and even though I was looking for a Gold dress Green is what we went with and then I added the sash to make them really look cute. Kaia loves hers we have to hide it from her or she would wear it all the time

Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Fun

last friday we went to my parents ward christmas party they did a get thing that was a journey back to jerusalem. You dress in the era and we walked from room to room were you saw the angels, sheperhs, wise man and mary and joseph and they told there story. It was really done well.

Saturday we went to our new ward and there christmas picture. Here we got to see santa as you can see they were to hot on the idea though after they saw him they were so excitied to tell everyone that they saw him and that he gave them candy.

Monday we went and got our Christmas tree. And then eat cookies and decorated it. The girls loved this. They got so excitied with every new ordament.
Kaia helped put on the star.

Sharlee took great care in putting every ordament on 3 times.

Yesterday we made a ginger bread house that grandma made for us. It might not be the best looking one but the girl
s sure had fun making it and that is what matters.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

prego pictures

So while luke and tiff and kade were here we took family pictures. You dont get to see them now though because they will be in the christmas cards that will be coming soon. anywho My family did some prego shots. We did get some cute ones. Thank goodness.