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Sunday, March 28, 2010

easter outfits

Well since we wont actually be at church on easter the kids wore there easter outfits today. And YES I MADE THEM! Yeah me! I was going for the old fashion look. Ill do some old fashion pictures in them but They are going to have to wait until after Ryder gets his cast off so easter pictures are going to be spring pictures this year


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

who knew

Who Knew A Slide Could Do This!

Last Wednesday the 16th we went to the park for some fun. Ryder went down the slide which he does all the time now but this time his shoe got stuck and he kept going and now he is in a cast with a "Toddlers Fracture"
We went to urgent care that night and they took one x ray and said he was fine. I was relized. But the next day he was worse. So I went his Doc and he orderd lots of x rays. They said its broken so then off to another doc to get it casted. It was a LONG 24 hours.

He is now crawling and climbing nothing will keep this guy down. Good thing we only have 2 more weeks.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yes Fun

A few weeks a go we spent the night at my parents in the morning this is how I found them watching tv. The girls sit like this always but it was funny to see Ryder doing it too. He has to be just like them!

The girls love feeding the duck so they had to take Daddy to show him we normaly go when hes at work. This day there werent very many duck. We normaly sit on a tale and through the bread from up top were its safe from the big geese and ducks. This made for a great picture this way.

We went to Aunty Sarahs and Uncle Adams We went to a Bounce house place and the kids and the adults had a blast going down this silde it was super fast and fun. We also did some shopping and went to two parks. It was fun the girls loved Kindel Sarah niece on the other side

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tea PArty

The girls are really into playing tea party so I decided to have a real one we invited some of there friends to the party they decorated there hats with flowers I gave them all a pair of gloves (Love the target dollar bin) and then we had mini cupcakes, cookies and choc. strawberries. Servied with choc and strawberry milk. We had them all use there may I and Please can I. It was great fun. And the girls mine and the others loved it.