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Monday, February 27, 2012

And it's still fun...

Cousin fun !!! Ryder and Kade played so well and hard. I love how Kade calls Ryder Wyder it's so cute.

We had fun making pizza cookies MMM!

Then we all went and had a tour at Uncle Michaels and Aunt Karas work and it was great. I made all the kids these bakers hats aren't they cute.

All ready for the tour see Uncle Michael we are keeping our hands to ourselves

Everyone got to help make some bread

Cache got his hat stuck on his head some how we had to rip it to get it off but he thought it was funny
Playing with the dough

Look how big the mixer and and bowl are WOW!

Time to eat some yummy bread!

And these two got all tired out.
 Oh and look who is pulling himself up on everything. Welcome to the bumps and bruises times.

Thanks you Aunt Tiff for making the drive we had so much fun this week with you!

And the week continues

THURSDAY 2/23 The kids painted dino picture to get ready for going to the museum that had a dino exhibit.

The animals here are wild!

 Look at our explorers
 And how Great is this Dinosaur Train...

a Week off School

The girls have this week off so since Adam was home we took a trip down to the lake and let the kids ride bikes and me and Adam jogged.

After the ride we stopped and feed the birds. (mostly Seagulls)

Then the kids ran around and had fun

And got in the water. Crazy kids!

 It was really fun

The kids each had a play date and then after gymnastics Kade and Cache came to stay for a few days

Thursday 2/16

Guess where we went? Well the girls school was having a fundraiser. And the girls ended up getting 60 free tokens so I decided why not. Michael and Char went with us we ate pizza and had fun. In fact Sharlee came up to me and started telling me something very excited and as she talked she got redder and redder. It was pretty funny.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sunday 2/12

So for a month or so Hunter has been doing this plank pose to try and crawl. While today the kids were playing with balloons and he wanted one so he all the sudden got the crawling down and head off to get that balloon.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sunday 2/12

To church the girls and Avanley wore there matching skirts that I made them for Christmas. The girls thought this was really great.