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Monday, April 19, 2010

what the kids are saying

Ryder is starting to really talk. He says
Oh no with great expression
Don't know with his arms in a shrug
And some other copy words after we say them
He also signs more and all done and I know these aren't words but he give great kisses And hugs he puckers for a kiss so no slobber and he pats your back when he hugs you
He is also learning the sounds of the animals

The girls can tell you the story of the gold plates that was a proud moment

Kaia said "mom we share huh?". Yes. "Good can I have some" meanin of what I was eating
Kaia one night sayin prayer I said help us to continue to have success and she repeated
"Help us to have much sex tonight" I thought adam was going to loose it he was laughing so much.

Sharlee "dad we wear panties to keep bugs off our bums" were do they get this stuff from

Sharlees pray all by herself. "Please help me to get big like mommy and marry the right guy." Really! I guess if she starts praying for it know she should get it

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

House redos

In the last 6 months these is some of the things we have done to the house
In nov or so I made the kids a play room and decorated it movie themed I love having all the toys in one spot.

For Christmas I wanted a mantle. I designed it and Adam put it up and I love it everyday. And I loved having a place to hang stockings at christmas time

After the girls got new bunk beds for christmas we had to redo the room. And I;m very happy with it.
I made the blankets. And I painted the carrage picture on the wall

Adam put up this light and I love it. It makes the room

I painted the castle

And 2 weeks ago we did the kitchen. We still have to do the floor but this is a huge improvement and I LOVE IT. I designed it all and Adam was wonderful to make it all happen. But he did tell me no more HGTV. So I have cut back alittle.
This desirves a before

And NOW drum roll please!

Adams Choice was the sink and I like it

The backsplash I put up with my mom and I love it!

So what do you think?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter/ Spring Pictures



No More Cast

On Thursdat Ryder got his cast off. His leg healed great. At first he kept handing me the cast to put it back on it was cute. He is still walking funny like he has the cast on but he is starting to do better.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


My famliy came over to our house in the moring to watch the kids open there baskets and do there egg hunt. Then we had breakfast and watched conferance. Then we went to my parents for Conferance again egg coloing egg bash and a yummy ham dinner.
Oh and my wonderful hubby worked an extra shift to flykara in so she could be here it was great.

THe girls were so cute they would find one and instead of puttin it in there basket she'd go to her sisters and say heres one for you sister.

Ryder got the hang of things real quick

The easter Egg bash was differnt this year normally we are at the river in our swim suits and this year it was lightly raining and kinda cold But it was SO MUCH FUN we loved it. The girls tought it was great. It did become a little challenging when the rain started to take the color off the eggs and the eggs started to all look the same. Kara ended up being the winner. Ryder took a nap during the whole thing



Here The girls said "mom take a picture." Totally my girl