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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Kara goes to the temple

Lake time

fam pics


Baptism pics

My Beautiful Girls.
I can't believe how the time has passed. You have grown into such amazing girls. I'm so proud of your decision to be baptised

Happy 8th Birthday Girls

Back to thur first day of school

Thursday 8/14
School Time!
Today is the first day of school!
The girls have Mrs. Parsons and and is in the 3rd grade.
Ryder is starting Kindergarten and has Mrs. Martin
We are SO excited about the teachers this year.

Ferrells and Actual bday

Thursday after school we met everyone at Ferralls for a birthday dinner

These horses were Great Grandma Burchs

They put their birthday name tags on the post.

Friday 8/15 Happy Birthday Girls!!

After school we had fun swimming with all our cousins 

palo Alto Wednesday 8/13

Grandma told the girls that they get to choose an American Girl Doll they are so excited. They had a great time deciding what doll they wanted and an outfit to go with it.

We then had fun at the childrens museum 

We ended the day at Daddys fire station. it was so much fun getting a tour, riding on the engine lights and sirens as daddy drove around the block, and a yummy dinner