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Monday, February 28, 2011

A Few Fun Days

On Wednesday me, my mom and the kids went to San Jose to spend some time with Tiff and the Boys since Luke is working a lot. It was great fun. On Thursday we went to the zoo (a bonus since we all have Discovery museum passes and the zoo is included) But this zoo was great. There was small animal spots and then play areas that went along with those animals. And a big bonus was the rides the kids really had fun. Next time we will plan on staying all day. We were afraid of getting rained on but it held out until we got home.

Rock climbing like a goat

Brushing the goats

Clean those hands

Kade and Ryder holding hands

The kids loved looking at all the animals

All the "Langton" grandkids

driving around and around and around Ding Ding


We went to the Tech museum on Friday. Ii was ok I don't think we will go again and I'm glad we didn't pay to get in but it was good for an hour.
Cat a pult

Kaia making music

Playing with magnets

Playing with a air hole that was blowing things up into the air. They thought this was great

Since Daddy didn't get a chance to go to the snow the weekend before we went again on Saturday. And it was great again. The kids love it and I love going and then coming back home to where its dry and snow free. I am goo in the snow for awhile but I don't think I would like living in it. It actually started snowing on us while we were there. But after 30 mins it stoped and the sun came out


Sunday, February 20, 2011


We had a GREAT day in the snow Adam had the acadamey and had called me in the morning telling me he was driving in snow. So I called my Mom and asked if she and Dad wanted to go play in the snow. We picked then up and found the BEST place at Apple hill. It wasn;t to far there was a good abount of snow and a small hill perfect for them to sled down. There was not yelling, crying or fighting for the 2+ hours that we played. I will be going here everytime the snow is low.
Everyone had fun on the sled but no one as much as Ryder. He would get to the bottem and say "AGAIN" or "AGAIN MYSELF" it was so funny. And a great thing was the hill was small enough to run up and down it without getting tierd and the kids could climb it themselves most the time.

Ryders hands got cold so he worn Grandpas gloves while I ran to the car to get 2 more sets for him

We only had one minor injury. Kaia bit her tounge while eating the snow good thing we had plenty of snow to stop the bleeding.

Love it Kaia started rolling these balls and then sending them down the hill were they became pretty big.

She made this snow girls with those snowballs (and with a little help) and she was very proud of it!

Sharlee spent a long time make a perfect snow bunny she was so cute doing it.

Across the street there was a little shop were we had great Hot chocolate complete with snow to cool it down and next to a warm fire it was perfect

(Kaia is in a Purple jacket and Sharlee Pink)